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Did you know that CNN Travel listed Penang as one of the best destinations to visit for the ultimate Asia experience?

Learn how to have a smooth trip so that you can get the most out of your travel time in Penang.


The Magical Beauty of Penang Will Make Your Holiday Memorable

Once you discover more about Penang, you'll know why it's awarded as: 

  • One of the Best Destinations to go to in 2022 by CNN Travel

  • Asia’s Top 10 Greatest Street Food Cities by CNN Travel

  • One of the Best 10 Islands in Southeast Asia by Travel + Leisure Asia under Asia’s Best Awards 2022

  • One of the Best Islands in the world to retire in 2021 by International Living

  • Number 1 Budget Travel Destination in 2016 by Forbes

  • Number 5 Best Cities in the world for medical tourism (healthcare) in 2017 by International Living

Yes, paradise found!

You’ll never want to leave once you step in.


Let's Go Penang

Your Best Penang Travel Plan

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Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Penang Trip?

This 6-day plan will give you access to everything you need to know about Penang. Unlike any other travel plan, this plan provides you:

  • A complete day-by-day itinerary including the full details of the places of attraction from the ticket price to its phone number and opening time

  • All information is written in point form for easy understanding

  • All places of attractions come with beautiful pictures (a picture is worth a thousand words)

Be overwhelmed by the beauty, not the planning. Use this plan as your trusted plan for this amazing destination.

  • Travel in Penang like no others

  • Bring your trip to the next level

  • Have lots of opportunities to explore and experience that you'll not have elsewhere

The right plan can make all the difference and give your travel a major level up. I’ll have covered it all in Let's Go Penang - Your Best Penang Travel Plan.

What's Included In The Plan...

Day 1

Feel the tropical breeze and listen to the sound of nature.

Day 2

Feel the heart of Penang by standing on top of a tall tower 249m above the ground.

Day 3

Take a look at this UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City. Every building has a story to tell.

Day 4

Set free your inner child and step into the countryside.

Day 5

Get into the world's steepest tunnel track and step into this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Day 6

Experience Bali in Penang and complete your shopping desires.

Bonus time!

If you purchase today, you'll receive a complimentary gift (Done-With-You Penang Travel Plan) from me. I'll help you have a more personalized plan for your desired trip. I know how much you want to save and get the most out of your travel time. With this Done-With-You Penang Travel Plan, you'll have access to all your must-see in Penang, including your preferred activities, in a short time and, of course, with a small amount of money spent. 

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  • You want a tropical getaway 
  • You love white sand and the sea breeze
  • You love to explore historical architecture in Penang
  • You're looking for a family/solo trip
  • You always crave food during your trip

Have questions? Here's the answer!


Let's Go Penang 

Your Best Penang Travel Plan

Make your Penang trip a smooth one!


Your Best Penang Travel Plan is only one click away!


I'm Winnie

After graduating with my degree, I typically work in one international company with 8 - 5 working hours. This job has blocked most of my time, and I can't travel to as many places as I wish. I always imagine, wouldn't it be nice if I could have a six-month vacation twice a year? How can I make my dream come true?

Yes! Travelling where I spend the most/ live is always a good idea. With this, I can maximize my travel time and get familiar with the place I was born - Penang, Malaysia. Without exploring and experiencing my hometown, I'll never know I was so lucky to be born in such a beautiful place. I'm always proud to be a Penangite!

Locals always know the best. Being a Penangite, I'm here to help you discover more about Penang and provide you with a perfect plan that hits all your must-sees in Penang. I'll show you how to make the most of your time in Penang within budget.